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NSW/ACT Thu 19:47 EST: Flood Warning - MacQuarie River   Thu 17:03 EST: Severe Weather Warning for NSW   Thu 17:02 EST: Flood Warning - Murrumbidgee River   Thu 16:59 EST: Flood Warning - Lachlan River   Thu 16:49 EST: Flood Warning - Bogan River   Thu 16:17 EST: Sheep Graziers Warning   Thu 16:05 EST: Coastal Wind Warning   Thu 16:00 EST: Flood Warning - Belubula River   Thu 15:00 EST: Potential Flood Alert 1   Thu 10:41 EST: Flood Warning - Culgoa, Bokhara, Narran   Thu 10:31 EST: Flood Warning - Peel and Namoi Rivers   Thu 10:08 EST: Flood Warning - Murray River   Wed 14:43 EST: Flood Warning - Warrego River   Wed 11:00 EST: Flood Warning - Barwon-Darling US Bourke   Wed 11:00 EST: Flood Warning - Paroo River   Queensland Thu 21:41 EST: Severe Thunderstorm Warning   Thu 15:50 EST: Coastal Strong Wind/Gale Warning   Thu 11:12 EST: Flood Warning - Thomson/Barcoo/Cooper Ck   Thu 10:43 EST: Flood Warning - Paroo River   Thu 10:08 EST: Flood Warning - Bulloo River   Thu 10:03 EST: Flood Warning - Fitzroy River   Thu 09:26 EST: Flood Warning - Macintyre/Weir   Thu 08:59 EST: Flood Warning - Warrego River   Thu 08:31 EST: Flood Warning - Condamine-Balonne Rivers   South Australia Thu 21:08 CST: Gawler River Flood Warning   Thu 19:51 CST: Flood Warning - Onkaparinga River   Thu 19:08 CST: Severe Weather Warning for SA   Thu 15:54 CST: Road Weather Alert   Thu 15:52 CST: Sheep Graziers Warning   Thu 15:50 CST: Coastal Wind Warning   Thu 15:40 CST: Flood Warning - Torrens River   Thu 11:49 CST: Flood Watch   Tasmania Thu 21:55 EST: Flood Warning - Macquarie   Thu 21:55 EST: Severe Weather Warning for TAS   Thu 21:51 EST: Flood Warning - South Esk   Thu 21:00 EST: Flood Warning for the Jordan River   Thu 19:55 EST: Flood Warning - North Esk River   Thu 19:12 EST: Coastal Wind Warning   Thu 17:05 EST: Flood Warning - Meander River   Thu 16:35 EST: Flood Warning - Derwent River   Thu 16:35 EST: Flood Watch   Thu 16:01 EST: Sheep Graziers Warning   Thu 16:00 EST: Road Weather Alert   Victoria Thu 18:27 EST: Flood Warning - King River   Thu 16:40 EST: Coastal Strong Wind/Gale Warning   Thu 16:16 EST: Flood Warning - Glenelg River   Thu 16:03 EST: Flood Warning for Seven Creeks and Castle Creek   Thu 15:38 EST: Sheep Graziers Warning   Thu 15:26 EST: Flood Advice - North West Victoria   Thu 15:03 EST: Flood Advice - North Central District   Thu 14:56 EST: Flood Advice - North East Victoria   Thu 14:31 EST: Flood Advice - Western District   Thu 13:15 EST: Flood Advice - Central District   Thu 12:58 EST: Flood Warning - Goulburn River   Thu 10:56 EST: Flood Warning - Campaspe River   Thu 10:15 EST: Flood Warning - Kiewa River   Western Australia Thu 18:42 WST: Fire Weather Warning   Thu 16:39 WST: Coastal Wind Warning  

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eldersweather.com.au is one of Australia's leading free online sources of weather information, providing detailed national and local weather information. The site provides local weather information covering over 550 locations, satellite and radar images, synoptic charts, warnings and breaking weather information. There are also detailed reports for marine enthusiasts and surfers. Please contact our sales department directly for more information at: Google display planner

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