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Australia weather forecast

Current Conditions

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NNW 7km/h
E 13km/h
Alice Springs Ap
Brisbane Ap
NE 9km/h
SW 22km/h
Broome Ap
SE 24km/h
Cairns Ap
Canberra Ap
W 15km/h
N 18km/h
Darwin Ap
WNW 2km/h
W 18km/h
WSW 13km/h
WSW 11km/h
National Summary
A series of low pressure troughs are generating showers and thunderstorms from northern NSW to central QLD. A large high pressure system is keeping the NT and SA mostly dry, leading to a cool night. A gusty cold front is sweeping the southwestern parts of WA is producing heavy sh

It's raining gold in Glasgow and showers in Sydney
A day of two halves for Sydney
Northern NSW treated to a light show and widespread rain

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Current Conditions
    Temperature Dew Point Rel. Humidity Feels Like Wind Pressure Rainfall
Mean Gusts
Adelaide 18:00 CST 12.1°C 8.7°C 80% 11.6°C NNW 7km/h 9km/h 1026.5hPa 0.0mm
Alice Springs Ap 18:00 CST 19.0°C 2.2°C 33% 19.0°C E 13km/h 17km/h 1024.6hPa 0.0mm
Brisbane Ap 19:00 EST 16.7°C 15.7°C 94% 16.7°C NE 9km/h 11km/h 1024.6hPa 4.0mm
Broome Ap 17:00 WST 24.7°C 13.4°C 49% 24.7°C SW 22km/h 28km/h 1016.5hPa 0.0mm
Cairns Ap 19:00 EST 22.3°C 17.2°C 73% 22.3°C SE 24km/h 30km/h 1020.5hPa 0.2mm
Canberra Ap 18:30 EST 9.9°C 4.7°C 70% 7.8°C W 15km/h 20km/h 1023.3hPa 0.0mm
Darwin Ap 18:30 CST 26.8°C 17.0°C 55% 27.5°C N 18km/h 26km/h 1014.8hPa 0.0mm
Hobart 19:00 EST 9.3°C 7.6°C 89% 8.5°C WNW 2km/h 5km/h 1020.6hPa 0.0mm
Melbourne 18:59 EST 13.1°C 9.6°C 79% 11.3°C W 18km/h 20km/h 1024.5hPa 1.0mm
Perth 16:30 WST 16.4°C 9.6°C 64% 16.4°C WSW 13km/h 24km/h 1017.5hPa 12.8mm
Sydney 19:00 EST 14.3°C 7.8°C 65% 13.6°C WSW 11km/h 13km/h 1022.4hPa 4.2mm
Townsville Ap 19:00 EST 21.7°C 18.0°C 80% 21.7°C ESE 13km/h 15km/h 1022.1hPa 0.0mm