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Australia weather forecast

Current Conditions

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S 6km/h
SE 17km/h
Alice Springs Ap
Brisbane Ap
NE 15km/h
SW 11km/h
Broome Ap
WNW 7km/h
Cairns Ap
Canberra Ap
WNW 17km/h
Darwin Ap
NNW 24km/h
W 6km/h
SE 6km/h
SE 2km/h
National Summary
Ex-Tropical Cyclone Debbie is continuing to generate heavy rain, storms and damaging winds across eastern QLD. A trough in the north is triggering storms over northern parts of NT and WA. Cloud with a front in the south is causing showers over SA, southern VIC and TAS.

Mid-week front to cross SA, Vic and Tas
Ex-Cyclone Debbie: What to expect next
Prolific Pilbara rain

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Current Conditions
    Temperature Dew Point Rel. Humidity Feels Like Wind Pressure Rainfall
Mean Gusts
Adelaide 23:30 CDT 12.5°C 8.0°C 74% 12.3°C S 6km/h 6km/h 1017.9hPa 3.0mm
Alice Springs Ap 22:30 CST 29.5°C 1.6°C 16% 27.8°C SE 17km/h 28km/h 1016.1hPa 0.0mm
Brisbane Ap 23:00 EST 25.5°C 24.2°C 92% 26.8°C NE 15km/h 17km/h 1011.8hPa 3.4mm
Broome Ap 20:50 WST 29.5°C 25.2°C 77% 35.4°C SW 11km/h 13km/h 1011.4hPa 0.0mm
Cairns Ap 23:00 EST 29.1°C 27.1°C 89% 37.2°C WNW 7km/h 7km/h 1007.9hPa 0.0mm
Canberra Ap 00:00 EDT 12.8°C 8.7°C 76% 12.8°C Calm 0km/h 1009.6hPa 0.0mm
Darwin Ap 22:30 CST 22.5°C 21.7°C 95% 22.5°C WNW 17km/h 19km/h 1009.9hPa 18.2mm
Hobart 00:00 EDT 11.4°C 4.9°C 64% 8.8°C NNW 24km/h 35km/h 1004.9hPa 4.8mm
Perth 20:50 WST 18.5°C 3.2°C 36% 18.5°C SE 6km/h 7km/h 1023.0hPa 0.0mm
Sydney 00:00 EDT 27.5°C 21.3°C 69% 29.6°C SE 2km/h 9km/h 1006.9hPa 1.8mm
Townsville Ap 23:00 EST 29.2°C 27.5°C 90% 37.8°C NW 11km/h 13km/h 1005.8hPa 0.0mm