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Australia weather forecast

Current Conditions

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SSW 11km/h
ESE 17km/h
Alice Springs Ap
Brisbane Ap
ESE 13km/h
ENE 11km/h
Broome Ap
S 7km/h
Cairns Ap
Canberra Ap
NNW 11km/h
N 18km/h
Darwin Ap
NW 9km/h
WNW 9km/h
SSW 13km/h
W 30km/h
National Summary
Brisk westerly winds are bringing showers to TAS and southern VIC. Snow flurries are falling on the Alps and as low as 500 metres in the Tasmanian Highlands. A high is bringing clear conditions elsewhere.

Lengthy dry spell taking hold across NSW
Snow down low in TAS
Windy and showery in the southeast, sunny elsewhere

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Current Conditions
    Temperature Dew Point Rel. Humidity Feels Like Wind Pressure Rainfall
Mean Gusts
Adelaide 17:30 CST 12.7°C 9.1°C 79% 11.7°C SSW 11km/h 15km/h 1026.3hPa 0.0mm
Alice Springs Ap 18:00 CST 18.2°C -2.2°C 25% 18.2°C ESE 17km/h 30km/h 1025.0hPa 0.0mm
Brisbane Ap 18:00 EST 21.0°C 16.0°C 73% 21.0°C ESE 13km/h 20km/h 1016.2hPa 0.0mm
Broome Ap 16:00 WST 35.5°C 8.5°C 19% 33.5°C ENE 11km/h 17km/h 1012.3hPa 0.0mm
Cairns Ap 18:00 EST 25.8°C 18.9°C 66% 26.9°C S 7km/h 13km/h 1013.2hPa 0.0mm
Canberra Ap 18:00 EST 9.5°C 0.9°C 55% 7.8°C NNW 11km/h 22km/h 1018.4hPa 0.0mm
Darwin Ap 17:30 CST 30.7°C 19.4°C 51% 32.3°C N 18km/h 24km/h 1010.7hPa 0.0mm
Hobart 18:30 EST 5.4°C 3.2°C 86% 3.4°C NW 9km/h 13km/h 1006.1hPa 4.4mm
Perth 16:30 WST 20.2°C 8.5°C 47% 20.2°C SSW 13km/h 19km/h 1027.2hPa 0.0mm
Sydney 18:30 EST 15.6°C 2.4°C 41% 15.6°C W 30km/h 37km/h 1017.1hPa 0.0mm
Townsville Ap 18:00 EST 26.6°C 17.9°C 59% 27.5°C ENE 15km/h 18km/h 1013.5hPa 0.0mm